Missions-Bericht von Mali/Afrika II

indien 11/2008Ein Missions-Bericht von Claudia Wintoch in englischer Sprache mit vielen Fotos und Heilungszeugnissen von Mali/Afrika im Nov. 2008:

In mali-0811-1April of this year, I "happened" to meet the most well-known Austrian evangelist Erwin Fillafer in a church in Austria. We connected, and he expressed interest in coming to Mali. In November, the time had come for him and his assistant Harald to come to Mali for 8 days. We were blessed by their presence and ministry. Thank you!


While we have planted several churches in a region north-east of our property and 90 minutes away, we had never ventured into the villages in our neighborhood. One of our church members comes from there, and so it was only naturally to go that direction - the village of Dra, where they had never heard the gospel before.
We did a morning and a night meeting, and saw many healed and saved. One of the village elders' son was deaf and started to hear. Many were blind or had bad sight and started to see. Jesus was present to heal and to save. Hallelujah! Paul and I will be going to Dra regularly to teach and train the new believers.

More details and pictures on the blog for Nov 24 and Nov 25.



mali-0811-5mali-0811-7One of our challenges has been to teach the new believers in those villages where we have preached the gospel. Since Erwin wanted to do some basic teaching, we invited all the villagers to come to the main village of Dio for three days of teaching.

And so they came, some from quiet a distance, and so they spent the night at our local pastor's property. Many left after the second day since they had come for their healing and they'd been healed; we prayed for healing every day and saw many healed.

mali-0811-6mali-0811-8Erwin did a great job teaching these wonderful people some basic lifeskills for their new Christian lives, and many only started their lives with Jesus that week. With Erwin being an older man, the elderly men also listened carefully to his words, and we pray that we're going to see much fruit from those days.

On the third and last day we handed out sugar to all those who had been faithful to attend all three days, and the people were most thankful for that.

More details in the blog for Nov 25 and Nov 26 and Nov 27.

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